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Software Solution

Ajwan International Company W.L.L, (Formerly knows as Ajwan Trading Enterprise) founded in 1992, has a diversified portfolio of value added services to satisfy the demands for Complete I.T Solution. Over the years, Ajwan has built strong partnerships with world-class Vendors to implement best practices, expertise, and technologies for our clients.

Ajwan ERP and Retail POS Software Solution

Ajwan POS System is a powerful retail management  program for Microsoft Windows OS. It allows users to maintain absolute control over all aspects of sales and inventory while presenting an easy and professional customer checkout. It is a great solution for both the sales counter and telephone order desk. Our mission is to create award winning POS software that delivers the right mix of simplicity, features and price.

Ajwa Retail-Software
Complete Solution With Ease Of Operation, Flexibility, Security To Increase Customer Base Smart Store is a state-of-the-art application to grow and scale up to Multiple Stores for Retail chains. This complete software, for day-to-day business needs, is integrated with accounting modules to enable sales through POS System. Smart Store as a Retail solution with its unparalleled Flexibility, Total Control, Greater Productivity, Higher Protability and Higher Customer Satisfaction supports the various functions of different format of stores. Applications for instant loading and running are preconfigured for verticals like Grocery Stores, Apparel & Footwear, Consumer Durables, Books & Music Stores, Gifts & Accessories.

Ajwan Software Solutions :
POS Solutions
HR & Payroll
Web Solutions
Health Club Management
Catering Software Solutions
Fingerprint Solutions
Face Recognition
POS Solutions

Ajwan Point of Sales & ERP for :
* Restaurants
* Coffee Shops
* Home Delivery
* Call Center
* Beauty Salon & Spa
* Health Club Management
* Laundry Chains
* Book Shops
* Pastry (Cake Shops)
* Audio & Video Shops
* Gift Shops
* Super Market
* Garment Shops
* Pharmacy (Medical Shops)
* Shoe Marts
* Leather Shops

1 Purchase
2 Production
3 Inventory control
4 Sales (Billing)
5 Financial accounting system
6 Time attendance & Leave management , Pay roll
7 User Management.
C-Business Solution: Total Integrated Software Solution
for Manufacturing Unit

Purchases Management
• Purchase Order
• Goods Receipt Note, Stock Updating
• Add Purchase Receipt based on GRN, PO or Direct
& Calculate Landing Cost
• Purchase Returns with reasons, Rejection analysis.
• Purchase voucher for accounting.
• Purchase register.
• Item wise purchase report
• Work Order generation (based on sales order or Sales Forecast)
• Procurement planning – work order wise
• Bill Of Material report
• Work order wise purchase indent, Store Material booking (Hold)
• Procurement based on Minimum level of Stock.
• Production Monitoring stage wise. Material Flow Control.
• Stage wise Input and out Material can be defined for total flow control.
• Job card printing for each work order for all stages. .
• Process wise – Machine wise Input – output material details.
• Daily Production – QTY produced – Lot wise tracking.
• Wastage/ scrap.
• Start & End Time entries, Machine /Line number) & Operator entry.
• Production holds to stop processed material to go for QA.
• Acceptance level of Production department - material
• Produce matarial can be rejected by production department
•Rejected material can be taken out of work order
• Direct Inventory control for consumed Item and produced Item.
• Material lot number for each Produced material for tracking.
• Process Master linked with Machine and Manpower usage for each stage
• Consumption of Items can be programmed for each Ma chine.
• Item required for Packing finish Item.
• Process wise production Detail report.
• Raw material consumption.
• Daily Report generation.
Ajwan Health Club Management System

Main Features
Customer profile
Membership Management
Membership Payment Type
Membership Package Type
Member Transactions
Member Registration
Attaching Membership Document
SMS and Email Confirmation
Membership Renewal
Loyalty Points
Greeting Message

Web Content Management
News Management
Banner Management
Content Management
Template Management
CSS Management
Image Management
Time & Attendance
Admin Management
Employee Management
User Role assignment
System Parameters

Member Interface
Member Home Page
My Profile
Edit Profile
Member Account, Edit My Profile
My Packages
My Services
My Check In/ Out
Change Password
Auto SMS and Email
Auto Reports
Browsers and Internet Settings
System and Printer Setting

Ajwan Catering Management System

* Main Features
* Recipe Management
* Ingredient Costing / Over Heads / Man Power
* Menu Management
* Menu Pricing
* Raw Material Management ( With Barcode)
* Inventory Management ( With Barcode )
* Multiple Warehouse ( Cold/Dry/Central etc)
* Central Kitchen
* Multiple Section /Department within Store/Shop
* Purchase ( Finished / Semi-Finished / Raw
material ) Local / Overseas
* Catering - Order Management
* Order Taking & Processing
* Kitchen Order / Preparation Management
* Production Management – Inventory Forecasting
* Re-Ordering - Inventory Forecasting

Ajwan Catering Management System


* Sales Analysis - Finished / Semi-Finished / Raw material
* Nutritional Analysis
* Customer Analysis
* Customer Order Analysis
* Season Analysis
* Occasion Analysis
* Contracts Analysis
* Order – Pricing Based On -Customer/Qty/Item/Recipe Costing
* Menu – Re-engineering (Raw- Material/Semi-Finished/Finished
* Supplier Costing Analysis
* Production Analysis
* Stock – Management with Multiple-UOM
* Accounting
* Management Information System
* Web Based Reports

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