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Ajwan - ERP                                        
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-Our ERP is Requirement Specific for any Verticals
-Our ERP makes you Acheive your Requirment
-Our ERP is Scalable for Multiple Verticals and Geographical Expansion
-Our ERP is Affordable and Maintainable for Lesser Cost
-Our ERP gives you much better ROI


Ajwan has been providing ERP Software solutions for many well-known Manufacturing units. Our ERP helps small and mid-market manufacturing businesses to achieve increased productivity, lower costs, and Effective management of Employee and Customer Satisfaction.

Administrator can define Roles, Rights, & Work Allocation in ERP System. ERP Marketing Module helps to manage the entire life cycle of your customer, from generating leads to closing sales and providing ongoing customer support, which makes it easy for your customers, sales representatives, suppliers and vendors to access the information they need to easily conduct business with your company.

Our ERP System works the way you think a powerful manufacturing software system should. We design ERP to closely match your operation like you operate. ERP interface, with its point-and-click simplicity, which gives you straightforward operation. Bar-coding data entry provides paperless shop floor control. ERP continually enhances the system, always looking for new, innovative ways to meet your growing needs.

By organizing information and automating business processes in manufacturing Unit, ERP builds flexibility and effectiveness into every Process of your business environment and increases the quality and visibility of the information

-Marketing Management
-Sales Support
-Sales Management
-Quotation Management
-Order Management
-Product Configuration
-Advance Planning & Scheduling
-Multi user Rights Management
-Quality Assurance
-Material Management
-Inventory Management
-Purchase Management
-Finance Management
-Currency Management
-Currency Conversion Management
-Unit Conversion Management

-Reconciliation of Entry
-Payment Planning
-Asset Management
-Process Stage Planning
-Leave Management
-Shift management
-Time Attendance Management
-Cost Center Management
-Customer Relation Management & Services
-Support & Complaints/ issues Management
-Internal Contact Management
-Internal Task Allocation
-Shareholder Management System
-Agriculture System
-Cane Accounting System
-Loan System
-Fixed Deposit System

Finnacial Accounting
Account Group Master
Account Master
Supplier Master
Customer Master
Levy Master
TDS Master
Bank Expense Journal vouchers
Cash Receipt
Cash Payment
Bank Receipt
Bank Payment
Journal Voucher
Contra Voucher
Credit Note / Debit Note
Vouchers Approval

Approval List /  Approval Form
Payments and Receipts - Bill Wise On Account
Bill Wise Receipt
Bill Wise Payment
Bill Wise expenses
Advance Receipt
Payment settlement
Bank Reconciliation
Manual Reconciliation
Bank Reconciliation (From Bank)
Payment Planning
Supplier Payment Scheduling
Weekly Payment Planning
Weekly Payment Planning Approval

Bill wise Payment Planning
Cash Book
Bank Book
Journal Register
Day Book
Bank Reconciliation
Ledger View Detail
Trial Balance
Profit & Loss Account
Balance Sheet
-Multiple Cash Receipt / Multiple Payments
-Transaction listing

-Bank wise Reconciliation
-General Ledgers / Sub Ledger
-Bill wise Pending
-Cash Book
-Bank Book
-Transactions registers
-Cash flow
-Fund flow Statements
-Trading account
-Profit & Loss account
-Trail balance
-Balance sheets with schedules
-Assets Management

ERP contains Production & its planning, Purchase Planning, Marketing with CRM, Inventory & materials management, Human Resource Management with Time Attendance & Payroll System, & financial Analysis & Planning, which increase business processes quality, and control within your operation. Automation and integration of sales, marketing, and support helps you improve sales and customer satisfaction, increasing customer responsiveness and loyalty. ERP is designed to support businesses that operate at a single location or with multiple plants or across the places. System provides Cost Center facilities, which provide decision support information. ERP solution ensures smooth administration, integration, and customization, while also delivering a stable, scalable technology infrastructure.

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